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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few different ways this can be accomplished.

Firstly, you can select a provided avatar from the avie list. To do this simply go to Profile on the navigation bar, click edit profile and then select use a forum avatar (the fourth option down) and click the link. From there simply select the avie you like and hit save avatar changes.

If none of our avatars appeal to you, you are free to upload your own. Follow the first two steps listed above but instead of the fourth option, choose the second option (Use only the Uploaded/Linked). From here you will need to either upload the avatar image straight from your computer or link to it from a photo hosting site (such as Imgbb).

Please remember that the max size allowed for avatars is 150x150 px and 1MB.

A premium account is a paid membership within the coven. Revenue from premium accounts helps to pay CoM's bills. For the price of (price), you recieve the following perks:

  • A discount in the coven shop
  • Acess to the premium section of the forums
  • Use of the premium forum skin
  • Use of the premium avatar
  • The premium forum plaque
  • The premium forum icon
  • The premium account trophy

Other than the premium trophy, there are several others that can be earned. Among these are:

  • Having a birthday while a member
  • Having an anniversary while a member
  • Contribute to the books or zine
  • Be a member of the coven staff
  • Earning karma
  • Frequently posting
  • Completeing the lessons
  • Having your initiation
  • Joining in a ritual
  • Winning contests