About the Coven of Midnight

The Coven of Midnight is a multi-tradition coven for all ages and all walks of life. We provide tools and resources for Pagans of all walks of life, as well as those whom are just interested in learning more our religions.

Founded by our High Priestess, EbonyDoe, and Doe, Mana, we strive to obtain peace and harmony amongst our members as well as our communities and the world at large. Here we seek to achieve a sense of family and to foster trust amongst our brothers and sisters.

As mentioned above we have a variety of tools and resources available to both members and non-members alike. These include, but are not limited to: downloadable E-Book versions of our Prayer Book, Book of Shadows, Book of Light, Cook Book and educational materials, access to counselors, should you need to discuss issues with someone, message boards, and lesson plans for members. For younger members we offer training, aid in telling your friends, family and guardians, as well as fun puzzles and quizzes (though these are not limited to teens).

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us at covencouncil@covenofmidnight.com.

Coven Laws

All members of the Coven of Midnight will adhere to the following guidelines for Coven governance and administration:
  1. Treat one another as you wish to be treated. Remember that what goes around comes around.
  2. If you wish to make a page or site for the Coven, please include either the word "Midnight" or "CoM" in the title, i.e. Midnight Study Group/Study Group for CoM.
  3. The Hierarchy is to be respected at all times.

Forum Rules

We want to provide a free, fun, and open community for discussions. However we also must protect our members and staff. The following rules have been adopted to keep everyone's experience the most positive it can be. We appreciate your understanding and co-operation in keeping the Coven of Midnight a safe forum for spiritual and related discussions!
  1. The use of correct grammar and punctuation is a requirement for continued use of the site. Language barriers are difficult enough without poor grammar and spelling, or chat speak making it more confusing and could lead to confusion between users. Please always speak English on all areas of the site as we can't moderate what we can't read. Please do not use chat speak (acronyms such as lol, omg, etc are an exception).
  2. Please respect other members and their beliefs, opinions, and views at all times. Members are also advised to be polite to other members at all times. Aggression, disrespect, baiting, flaming, homophobia, racism, name calling (this includes calling people trolls or accusing them of trolling.), belittling, sarcasm, bullying, gossiping, are all unacceptable behavior and will, if persistent despite reminders and warnings, result in disciplinary action. If, however, the breach of the above rule is considered too severe, Staff may at their discretion forgo both the reminder and warning and resort immediately to disciplinary action. Adversarial and aggressive posts deter people who would like to contribute to discussions from participation in these boards. Remember the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated! The following will not be tolerated:
  3. Please do not spam. Spam covers a broad variety of types of posts. Things that are considered spam are:
  4. Please keep everything PG-13. While minor swearing is allowed, there is no need to use it every other word (the rant board and member journals are exceptions to this rule but only when marked with a [M] symbol.) The following topics of discussion are considered mature, while CoM is geared towards a mature audience, we do have many younger users, additionally not all members of the site are comfortable with such topics. They should be marked with an [M] for mature in the title:
  5. The following topics are forbidden to be discussed in the Coven of Midnight, be it via the forums, PMs, or any other form of chat in the coven:
  6. You are allowed up to three links in your signature, as long as they are not commercial (ie sell something) and of a reasonable size. If you are unsure about a link please ask a member of staff before you post it.
  7. Please be mindful that this is a family site, images must not depict violence of any kind, any form of abuse or pornography. Remember that what is funny to one member may be disturbing to another, a good rule of thumb is would you allow a child to see it. Breaches of this rule depending on the nature of the image may result in disciplinary action.
  8. One account is allowed per person at the Coven of Midnight. Unauthorized second and subsequent accounts are not allowed and will result in a suspension of the unauthorized multiple account(s). We do however accept that in some instances another member of the same household may wish to join CoM and that they will use the same computer or device to access these forums. In this case please advise a member of staff that another member of your household wishes to join, so that we are aware that more than one person is using your computer or device to access the coven. Please do not use links, or full names, as usernames, as you will be asked to change it. Please do not post identifying information about other people anywhere in the forum or chat room.
  9. Please do not moderate other members, do not create your own rules in posts (outside of game threads), tell other member's where they can post and where they cannot, or correct anyone on their spelling or grammar or presentation (English is not everyone's first language and some people have dyslexia or may have learning difficulties.) If a post is difficult to read please pm a staff member so we can discreetly suggest an edit to the member concerned, or if it's a solid block of text we can insert breaks. If you feel threads are in the wrong section please simply contact a member of staff. Mini-modding can be defined as:
  10. Grave digging is posting on threads that have been inactive for 30 days or greater, after this time only the original poster may comment on the thread. Certain forums allow grave digging, these are listed below:
  11. In instances where a rule is in question, it should be handled by staff to ensure the rule is properly enforced or the question is answered correctly. It can also confuse members on who is and is not a staff member, and it can come off as threatening when a user corrects another user.
  12. When contacting staff your comfort is important, so if you feel comfortable with a certain staff member you should feel free to message them first, however as a rule of thumb you should message moderators first. If they cannot help you they will direct you to an administrator, and if they can't help you the admin will send you on to the head admin. Please only message one member of staff at a time with your issue, even if it says we are online we're often busy with many things, if you don't get an immediate response don't panic. You should wait 48 hours (unless the issue is time sensitive) before contacting another member of staff, it would be polite to let the first staff member you contacted know you have done so to avoid confusion.
  13. Staff are members too! Please note that our staff are members first and foremost, just like you, (they work here for free giving up their own valuable time for the love of the forum,) and as such are entitled to the same consideration, any member harassing, threatening or abusing our staff will risk having their membership suspended as a result.
  14. On some occasions staff may need to use their own judgment about an issue which is not covered in these rules, it is impossible to cover every possible scenario in such a brief list as we come across new issues regularly.
  15. Changes, alterations and amendments may be made to these rules to reflect new issues that effect these forums sometimes so please review this page from time to time in order to remain appraised of our forum practice's and policies. Thank you for your co-operation in keeping these forums clean, safe and useable.
By joining this forum you agree to abide by all of the rules and stickies of the Council. Failure to do so can result in the loss of membership without warning.

The Coven of Midnight reserves the right to revoke the membership of any member that is in breach of these rules at any time. The Coven of Midnight also reserves the right to remove any thread from the forums that is not conducive to the coven at any given time.

Warning System

Members and guests who repeatedly violate the coven’s rules and laws will begin the path of warnings. These apply to both members and non-members alike.

Coven Organization

Ritual Observance

Meeting System

Meetings will generally be held via Skype. Please try sign on/log in at least ten minutes before the scheduled time. If for some reason you are unable to make the meeting you can request a transcript by contacting either EbonyDoe or a scribe. Meeting times and dates will be sent out in the newsletter, zine and are listed on the calendar. Emergency meetings may be held with at least three members of the Council present.

Voting Procedure

All major decisions within the coven are made via a voting process of the full council. To pass an amendment to rules, new rules or anything else, the vote requires 2/3 majority. In the event that a majority is unable to be reached, the High Priestess and/or High Priest has the final say in the matter.


High Council

Coven Officers


Joining the Higher Council

Higher council positions are chosen by their opposite position.

Example: The Doe will choose her Stag, the High Priestess will choose her High Priest. Should either step down for any reason then the Stag/High Priest will choose their replacement if none is pre-chosen.

Joining the Coven Officers

Joining the Staff

Forum Ranks

Adding New Work

Each new entry into a book (be it the Book of Shadows, Book of Light, Cook Book, Prayer Book, etc.) will be marked with next to it. The mark will be kept for 6 weeks before it is removed.